Onze projecten

We presenteren je met trots onze projecten die we verwezenlijkt hebben met onze vaardigheden en professionaliteit.

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Wat mensen over Cose denken

Thanks to Jardinier’s team my house is now as good as new! They helped me to renew my roof, fixed the heating system and rewired the house. I’m very grateful as I could never do it alone! These guys are very careful, skilled and indeed fast!

Monique teacher

It was my first time to request the assistance of professional maintenance team as previously I used to do everything by myself. They painted my facade carefully and my wife is very pleased that it was done so delicate and fast.

David Jones manager

I was recommended to use Jardinier by my co-worker. I needed an emergency help because of insects, and they helped me to resolve this problem so quick! I’ll definitely get back again as they have so many useful services!

Mag Richards accountant